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The content below explains the most essential tips required for making a good resume.



  • A SUCCINCT RESUME: For best outcomes, keep your resume succinct and to the point. You should always write a page-long resume that only includes the information required for the position you're seeking for because hiring managers rarely have time to evaluate resumes. Two pages of your CV will be taken into consideration if you have years of experience and pertinent material to provide.


  • A MODIFIED RESUME: One of the most important elements in building the best resume is tailoring it to the qualifications and abilities needed for the position. Your resumes are frequently subjected to a screening process by recruiters, during which they look for the precise terms and abilities required for that particular position. Update any information that has already changed, such as contact information, etc. For the recruiter to take your finest CV into consideration, it must be customised for the position you're looking for.


  • SUMMARY STATEMENT: A summary paragraph at the top of your resume draws attention to your qualifications for potential employers. Avoid replicating the format of the browser, don't make these statements too long or objective, and always give a reference that you may modify to suit your needs.


  • ACHIEVEMENTS: If your achievements are relevant to the position you're applying for, list them on your CV. In order to help recruiter determine whether you are a good fit for the job, it is advised to highlight your accomplishments that are particularly important to your position. Keep it brief, though, and omit any information that is unrelated to your job description.


  • CONTACT DETAILS: This is an important and required part of your resume. Include your address, phone number, and email address along with all of your other current contact details. You can also mention the website address of your LinkedIn or other professional networking page. Leave out all personal information, such as your name, address, social media profiles, marital status, and place of worship. Make it easy for potential employers to get in touch with you for interviews and further discussions.


  • RELATABLE SOFT SKILLS: It's equally crucial to emphasise your capabilities in terms of technical and analytical skills as it is to emphasise your major soft skills, such as leadership, teamwork, and time management.





  • RESUME FORMAT: Your resume should be quick to read and efficient. Use resume templates to give your resume a more approachable and comprehensible appearance. You could also choose a template that deviates from the usual designs. Make sure you write in a concise and straightforward manner. Stay away from experimenting with different typefaces, infographics, etc.


  • PASSIVE VOICE: Passive voice terms lack precision and prolong the text on your resume, so avoid using them. Use only active voice verbs in your writing to make it easy for recruiters to understand.


  • IMPERTINENT HOBBIES OR SKILLS: Leave them off the list if your interests or pastimes have nothing to do with the position you're applying for. To make your resume stand out from the crowd, only include information that is directly relevant to your job profile.


  • INCLUSION OF CONTRADICITING ELEMENTS: On your executive resume, stay away from any negative information such details about your previous employment or failures. Instead of focusing on your past mistakes, highlight your skills and abilities. Never give the recruiter unfavorable information because doing so could lead to prejudice or discrimination.


  • INCLUSION OF PRIVATE DETAILS: Because it will be more difficult for interviewers to judge your talents and because doing so is not anticipated nor safe, you should refrain from including any sensitive information on your resume.


  • GRAMMATICAL AND OTHER FLAWS: An executive resume should be meticulously proofread for grammatical and spelling errors before submission because even the smallest errors could turn away recruiters. Several internet tools can be used to double-check the resume for grammatical errors.



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